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Short Stories...
The Patient
A Perfect Life
Midnight at Captain Tom's
The Shark Man
Setting Free the Moth

A Warrior's Heart
I'll Remember Love
These Things I Pray
My Miracles
Raison D'Ítre

Sailing Through Life
What's Become Apparent
The Wrong Wish

by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 1999
all rights reserved

Between Hard Work and Struggling
Between Anger and Hate
Between Pain and Suffering
Between Destiny and Fate
Between Joy and Happiness
Between Sorrow and Sad
Between Alone and Lonliness
Between Have and Once Had
And Lo I've discovered a difference so vast
Between what I know and what feeble words say
That life in the Future and life in the Past
Mean nothing at all in the face Today
For today I am with you, today we are here
And nothing so lovely as when you are near