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Short Stories...
The Patient
A Perfect Life
Midnight at Captain Tom's
The Shark Man
Setting Free the Moth

A Warrior's Heart
I'll Remember Love
These Things I Pray
My Miracles
Raison D'Ítre

Sailing Through Life
What's Become Apparent
The Wrong Wish

That Which Has Become Apparent
To This Illusion Called "Me"
Or, What I Think I Know
After 45 Years

by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 2005
all rights reserved

  • I'm fine just the way I am.   I am not broken and therefore do not need to be fixed.
  • My life is also perfect just the way it is.   It is not to be fixed but rather polished, enhanced and made more beautiful.   It's more akin to a work of art in progress.
  • Any success I have in improving myself and my life must begin from a point of completion and perfection.   Perfection is not stagnant and finished.   It is like the sky and the sea - perfect yet always changing.
  • I am here for the benefit of everyone else.   That's all.   I am not here for me but for all sentient beings.   Everything I do should aspire to the ideal of altruism.   My motivations, speech and deeds should reflect only this ideal.   I am here to become enlightened for the benefit of all sentient beings.   This is my purpose.
  • I have the utmost confidence that the Universe will provide me with adequate shelter, food, clothing, environment, health, love and opportunities to be of service and benefit to others.   These are the only necessities.
  • It's all training.   Everything.   Every moment of every day is an opportunity to practice Loving-Kindness.   When I fail to practice what I know, it means nothing, only that I have failed to practice.   The only solution is more training.
  • Love is the Ultimate.
  • Death is not certain.   There is nothing to be feared.   There is no need to worry.
  • Happiness is a choice and a skill.   It can be practiced and developed.
  • Most people take life too seriously.