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Poems, Stories & Stuff

Short Stories...
The Patient
A Perfect Life
Midnight at Captain Tom's
The Shark Man
Setting Free the Moth

A Warrior's Heart
I'll Remember Love
These Things I Pray
My Miracles
Raison D'Ítre

Sailing Through Life
What's Become Apparent
The Wrong Wish

These Things I Pray
by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 1997
all rights reserved

Perfect Body, Perfect Health
Perfect Home in a Perfect Place
Abundant Giving, Abundant Wealth
Loving Family, Abundant Grace
True Self-Knowledge, True Desire
Abundant Friendship and Chances to Share
Potentials Fulfilled, Passion's Sweet fire
Learning and Teaching and Being Aware
Mastery of Music, Mastery of the Sea
Abundance of Love and Joy and Direction
Mastery of Life, Mastery of Me
Living a Life of Effortless Perfection
That the All that Is might through me sing
A Song of Gratitude for all these Things