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About Me

I was born in Newport Beach, California in 1960 grew up on the Balboa Peninsula there.  I am the youngest of three brothers and we remain to this day the best of friends.  My father died when I was only three weeks old so I never really got the chance to know him.

When I was eight, we moved to Sacramento where my mother met Paul who became the love of her life and a father figure to me.  My mom and Paul were always hoping to find Paradise and to that end, they would save all their money and we would go search for it.

Our travels took us to Costa Rica for six months when I was 12 and to the Cook Islands when I was 15.  I caught the vagabond bug and although I don't get to do it much, traveling is my favorite pastime.

I grew up, got married, and had a daughter named Lauren whom I've never really known. The divorce from my first wife was not friendly and it seemed best for all concerned if I simply stayed away. I've emailed with Lauren since and she seems like a very nice girl with a good life - so her mother did a good job without me.

In 1989 I married again.  My wife Sue and two of our kids; Mary Kate and Kevin moved to Texas in 1995 for 5 years and had many interesting adventures there.  Our eldest daughter, Ellen (Sue's daughter from a previous marriage) is an aspiring young actress and stayed in California when we left for Texas.  Promise of good fortune led us to Boise in the year 2000 where we live now.  The good fortune we were promised didn't pan out, but good fortune of another kind favored us here.  

I study a martial art called aikido here with an amazing teacher who has become one of my closest friends.  Through him and my other "Vajra Siblings" I have been fortunate enough to travel to New York and Toronto to attend teachings by the Dalai Lama.  I don't like to call myself a "Buddhist" because I believe we have too many "-ists" and "-isms" in the world today as it is.  And so, I prefer to think of myself as a student of the mind, of life, of…well, let's just leave it at "student".

I built this website because it occurred to me that I have so much junk lying around in shoeboxes and notebooks and I thought it might be useful in many ways to release it all into the ether of the internet.  I wanted a sort of catharsis to clear away the past and make room for new and future creativity.

Additionally, I wanted a consolidation of my works so that my children (and, dare I hope, grandchildren) might have a source for discovering a bit of their past i.e. "me".  I know that it is a bit vain to assume that some day they will be curious about such things. Nonetheless, I wonder about my ancestors from time to time and indeed, the people that go on ahead of me may someday wonder about theirs.

I welcome e-mails.  Please feel free to contact me - one can never have too many friends.

Don't take life too seriously; it's only a temporary situation.