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My Miracles
by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 2007
all rights reserved

I eat when I'm hungry, rest when I'm tired
Don't care what the day is, don't care what the hour
Drink when I thirst and work when inspired
Don't care if life's sweet or bitter or sour
I embrace each event, the good with the bad
I worry not for the future nor regret my past
And thank God in silence for the life that I've had
I live for each moment as if it were my last
To give all that I have is my reason to be
And when my life's done and I go to the ground
I care nothing for praise, I need nothing for me
A triumphant 'Hurrah!' will be my last sound
Ah me, if I could do but half of these things
I feel hopeful indeed, I just might earn my wings