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Setting Free the Moth
by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 1993
all rights reserved

The little moth struggled back and forth trying to free itself from the confines of our screened-in porch. "A moth's life is too short to be spent trying to escape" thought I.  "Don't worry little moth, I'll save you!"

Like a valiant knight I came to the aid of my wingéd damsel in distress.  Though it took me ten or fifteen minutes and I banged my knee on the coffee table, it was worth it.  In the end I managed to capture the little moth in an empty flower pot.

With fluffed-up pride in my good-deed-doing I set the moth gingerly down on a marigold in the garden.  "I'm free!  I'm free!" she seemed to cry with gratitude as she flew gracefully into the summer air.  I smiled.

I was still smiling and she was still crying "I'm free!" when a sparrow I had not seen swooped down off the power line above and caught the little moth firmly in his beak.

Life has plans we seldom expect.