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When We First Met
Words & Music by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 2002
all rights reserved

When we first met, back then we knew without a doubt
We had a love like no other love before
When we first met I think I wrote
Maybe a dozen songs about
How our love would last forevermore

As the years go by it's easy to forget
All the magic that we had when we first met
Back when we believed in fairy tales and
Dreams that came true
I guess what I'm tryin' to say is I still do

I still love you, just like Bogie loved Bacall
Just like Tracy and Hepburn
Or Tristan and Isolde
Just like Lancelot loved Guinevere
You are my Juliet
I still love you like I did
When we first met

When we first met, every day was a brand new chance
To be brave and face the world as lovers do
When we first met our lives were filled with
Danger and Romance
And the spirit to fight for what we knew was true

Tho' the years go by and sometimes we forget
All the courage that we had when we first met
It's still in your eyes I realize our strength has never gone
And in your arms my reason to go on

I still love you, just like Winter loves the Spring
Just like Peter Pan loves Wendy
And Anna loved her King
Just like Robin Hood loved Marion
Sol loves Stella yet
I still love you like I did
When we first met

I still love you, like the Summer loves the Fall
Like the Prince loved Cinderella
When they're dancing at the ball
Just like Perseus and Andromeda
Or Siegfried and Odette
I still love you like I did
When we first met
In fact I love you even more than that