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Songs with Lyrics

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Rough Drafts...
Share The Rain
Seasons Change
Stand On The Ground
United In Our Brilliance
Spread Our Wings
Make Someone Happy
Sunshine & Rainbows
Call It Love
Through My Eyes
Magical Display
The Way That I Am
Dreams Come True
Lazy Mon
When We First Met
Grateful Heart
So I've Been Told
Wind in the Willows

Sunshine & Rainbows
Words & Music by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 2009
all rights reserved

Yeah I sing a lot of songs about love and faith and
Being thankful for this precious life we live
Then a darker day will dawn and I canít seem to find
That place in my heart that forgives. I guess,
It ainít always sunshine and rainbows sometimes we must cry a tear or two
But I want you to know, even when Iím lost, Iím still in love with you

Sometimes youíll find me cryiní about the state of my life
And why I canít get the things I think I need
And it must seem quite insane that a man whose been so blessed
Could forget just what a charmed life he leads
Aní It ainít always sunshine and rainbows and I act like a blind man itís true
Still I hope you can believe, even when Iím crazy, Iím still in love with you

I promise, always to see you
And not who youíre pretending to be
And I will do my best to live up to the gift
That heaven saw fit to give to me

But sometimes it gets so cloudy aní itís hard to be kind
Or remember the things Iím here to say
I pray that you will listen to me when Iím at my best
Aní when Iím not perhaps youíll look the other way
Thoí it ainít always, sunshine and rainbows our days are mostly blessed with skies of blue
So I hope you can recall, when the rain starts to fall, that Iím still in love with you

Iíll always be in love with you.