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Songs with Lyrics

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Lazy Mon
Words & Music by Pat McDonald & Kimbal Anderson
© Pat McDonald 2002
all rights reserved

Lazy Mon - up wit da sun now
Lazy Mon - got time for fun now
Lazy Mon - he get it done now
Lazy Mon got time for me

Lazy Mon don't got to fish
Just close his eyes and he make a wish
No more waiting to have fun
Lazy Mon his work is done, he's a


Don't got to do no multi-taskin'
When you're layin' in the sun a baskin'
Don't wear no shoes, no time ta tie 'em
You try it once you'll see why I am a


Lazy Mon love me oh so slow
Like he got no place to go
Move so slow with da crazy hands
I love I love my Lazy Mon

All night rockin' and romancin'
No time for work - he gotta be dancin'
Up in da mornin' and the sun too bright
Roll right over and he hold her tight, he's a

Chorus - repeat and fade