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Songs with Lyrics

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Share The Rain
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Spread Our Wings
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Grateful Heart
So I've Been Told
Wind in the Willows

Share The Rain
Words & Music by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 1994
all rights reserved

Comes the rain, spattered on the ground
In the emptiness, there's no one around
To share the rain, no one at all
Each of us alone, never there at all
To share the rain, to share the rain
See it fall...

Wiping off the dust of forgotten dreams
Not quite still alive, but never dead it seems
To share the pain, no one to tell
Lost another coin, down the wishing well
To share the pain, to share the rain
As it fell...

To share the rain I once knew
The sounds of Spring, the touch of morning dew
Faerie dances 'round a mushroom ring
I heard songs of hope, I heard everything
Was it years ago? Was it yesterday
That I heard them sing?

Comes the rain, diamonds on the ground
In the emptiness, I don't hear a sound
Beyond the rain shines a distant star
Maybe miles away, maybe not that far
Beyond the rain, beyond the pain
Maybe not that far...