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Songs with Lyrics

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Rough Drafts...
Share The Rain
Seasons Change
Stand On The Ground
United In Our Brilliance
Spread Our Wings
Make Someone Happy
Sunshine & Rainbows
Call It Love
Through My Eyes
Magical Display
The Way That I Am
Dreams Come True
Lazy Mon
When We First Met
Grateful Heart
So I've Been Told
Wind in the Willows

So I've Been Told
Words & Music by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 2008
all rights reserved

The more I look around, the less I really know of life, of ages, of me
So easy yet so hard, to learn not to resist the flow, the harmony
My dear, I know, that life has left you cold
And though weíre very young, at times I feel so old
Still now is all we have so Iíve been told

Thereís music in the wind. Hear the seasonís song of love, and winterís call
Matter, space and time - How short? How long? Different for us all
The pleasures we have found, the wisdom we can hold
To treasure every day, together to grow old
Until the ends of time so Iíve been told

And when I am alone, silent as a stone I am at peace
And time is drifting away
Who knew that I would be, all I dreamed to be?
No matter what stops along the way.

The more I look around, the less I tend to think, my eyes begin to see
So easy yet so hard, to reach out to the past to touch a memory
My dear I know the path we walkís not always paved with gold
But we can change the essence of whatever we behold
And thatís the way it stands, so Iíve been told
Now is all we have so Iíve been told