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Seasons Change
Words & Music by Pat McDonald
© Pat McDonald 2010
all rights reserved

Thereís something Ďbout this morning that just makes me wanna sing
Why should wakiní up to sunshine seem so strange
When I closed my eyes it was Winter but I woke up to the Spring
Always blows my mind the way the seasons change

Well the sun goes down, the sun comes up every morningís a new day
Ainít it cool the way they got it all arranged
Donít ya take this day for granted or the part you have to play
Itís always darkest fore the dawn of a seasonís change

Everybodyís waiting for their ship to sail on in
Like moneyís gonna chase their blues away
You canít buy your happiness, there ainít no symbol on the stock exchange
Youíre just gonna have to wait for the season to change

This world will keep on turniní, burniní, spinniní like a top
While youíre prayiní for your life to rearrange
One minute youíre on the bottom rung aní the next your on the top
Ainít it funny, the way the seasons change

Only one thing is for sure and thatís the seasonís change
Always blows my mind the way the seasons change